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Success and Achievements at the 2023 Kappa Kamp in Dallas, Texas

Three young men standing shoulder to shoulder in picture.
DLA Kappa Leaguers (left to right) Carter Jackson, Uriah Taylor, and Grant Jackson psoe for phot at the conclusion of the 2023 Kappa Kamp held at Paul Quinn College in Dallas Texas.

The 2023 Kappa Kamp held at the historically black college and university (HBCU) Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas, was an exceptional event that impacted the attendees and organizers alike. With the support and leadership of Kappa Alpha Psi member and Paul Quinn College dean Maurice West, the kamp successfully combined online and on-site components, providing a comprehensive and engaging experience for the participants.

During the first week, the kampers delved into virtual activities and home-based learning, ensuring they had foundational knowledge and skills before arriving at Paul Quinn College. This hybrid approach allowed them to explore various subjects and topics, setting the stage for an enriching experience when they gathered on-site from July 10th through 14th.

A remarkable achievement of the 2023 Kappa Kamp was its impressive attendance, with over 69 kampers from seven states coming together to learn, grow, and bond. The diversity and inclusivity of the attendees added to the kamp's unique atmosphere, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among the boys and young men aged 12 to 17.

The Kappa Kamp's organizers ensured that the participants had access to valuable insights from professionals in the Technology and Manufacturing industries. Representatives from esteemed companies like Google and Peterbilt Trucking shared their experiences and knowledge, inspiring the kampers to explore potential career paths and possibilities in these fields.

Moreover, the kampers were privileged to engage in discussions and presentations by esteemed Kappa Alpha Psi members who held senior positions in the US Army, US Marine Corps, Army National Guard, and the US Navy. These military leaders provided invaluable mentorship and guidance, instilling leadership qualities and a sense of service in young minds.

The events and programs offered at Kappa Kamp were carefully selected to nurture holistic development. Sports such as basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and swimming encouraged physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship among the participants. The STEM challenges, including 3D modeling, egg drop experiments, and hydraulic activities, ignited curiosity and fostered problem-solving skills, opening doors to the world of science and innovation.

One of the highlights of the kamp was the entrepreneurship challenge, where the kampers were grouped to create unique food truck ideas. They were not only judged on their concepts' originality and creativity but also the profitability forecast and potential impact on the community. This exercise empowered young minds to think critically about business strategies and community engagement.

The closing ceremony of the Kappa Kamp was a touching moment as the kampers were recognized and celebrated for their efforts and achievements. Family and friends gathered for a heartwarming family-style cookout, where volunteer parents generously donated their time to support the kamp. This demonstrated the collective commitment to nurturing the potential of the kampers and fostering a sense of belonging.

The Denton-Lewisville Alumni (DLA) Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi showed immense pride in their Kappa League leaders, President Grant Jackson, Vice President Uriah Taylor, and Treasurer Carter Jackson, who represented the chapter at the Kappa Kamp. These young leaders upheld the values of the fraternity and made their mark in various categories, receiving multiple awards for their outstanding performance and leadership.

Young man holds crystal awards in each hand while posing for photo.
Vice President of DLA Kappa League Uriah Taylor holds up two of awards recive during Kamp.

Uriah Taylor's exceptional achievements stood out as he received the prestigious Directors Award of Program Participant of the Year and the Most Outstanding Achiever Award, and the Shawn O. Smith/Vinson A. Elkins LLC for his recognition in STEM. Last, he was recognized in the Swimming category, further exemplifying his diverse talents and dedication to growth and learning.

Two young men pose for photo with one on left holding an award.
President of the DLA Kappa League Grant Jackson presented his award for Outstanding Leadership

Grant Jackson's contributions were equally commendable, earning him recognition as the Most Outstanding Leader and MVP in both Basketball and Soccer. Carter Jackson's prowess in swimming was recognized. His contribution to his team, "Team 1922," secured the highest team award and added to the kamp's spirit of accomplishment.

The success of the 2023 DLA Kappa Kamp participants would not have been possible without the guidance and support of the kampers' parents, DLA, and individuals like Brothers Lowell Kyle, Terry, Mouton, James, Dunn, Charles Beckworth, Herbert Ashford, Marcus Taylor, and DLA Guide Right Chairman William "Doc" Atkinson, the their commitment to the DLA Kappa Kamp League program played a crucial role in shaping the experience for the young participants and creating an environment that fostered preparedness, growth, and excellence.

In conclusion, the 2023 Kappa Kamp was a testament to the power of education, mentorship, and community engagement. The event gave the kampers valuable insights, inspiring them to dream big and achieve their goals. As we celebrate the accomplishments of our Kappa Leaguers and express gratitude to all those involved, we also look forward to the positive impact they will make in their communities and beyond as future leaders and change-makers.

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