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The Denton-Lewisville Silhouettes Celebrated Their One Year Anniversary

The Denton - Lewisville Silhouettes celebrated their first anniversary with a special event at Edith Bistro in Allen, TX, on Saturday, October 30, 2022. The distinguished ladies celebrated their anniversary with the brother of the Denton-Lewisville (TX) Alumni Chapter, known as simply "DLA." The first-anniversary event allowed the organization to celebrate its accomplishments and continue its commitment to helping those in need. "It was great to see the brothers supporting the Silhouette for their first year as part of the organization. It was a good event," stated Denton-Lewisville Silhouettes Liason James Dunn. Special Guests Patricia Hill-McElveen, Southwestern Province Silhouette President, and Angela Hale, Southwestern Province Silhouette Treasurer, joined the celebration.

The Silhouettes are the wives of members of the DLA of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated. The Silhouettes served the Denton and Lewisville area extensively and, in their first year, provided the DLA Kappa League Youth Development program participants with scholarships. They also work with local charities to raise money and awareness for various causes. They've also worked to increase their social media presence and connect with their community.

Earlier this year, during the Southwestern Province meeting, the Silhouettes were recognized for their commitment to the community in April in San Antonio, Texas. They were awarded the Exemplary service award for excellence. They also received a Certificate of Appreciation and a Certificate of Recognition for their service from the Southwestern Province.

The Denton-Lewisville Silhouettes are a fantastic group of women who use their talents to make a difference in their community. We wish them all the best as they continue to grow and impact those around them for years to come! This celebration cements the future of both the DLA Chapter and its Silhouettes for continued greatness.

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