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Undergrade Leadership Institute is a highly structured and intense annual week-long, leadership immersion experience designed to increase undergraduates' capacity to lead in multiple contexts - in the fraternity, on campus, and/or in their communities.

Approximately 75-100 applicants selected


LEAD Kappa is a highly structured and intense leadership experience during conclave years designed to increase the participant's capacity to lead in multiple contexts - in the fraternity, on campus in their community and in corporate America.  Small group discussion, large group lecture, and case study analysis will provide a rich learning environment for brothers to reframe and reinforce their approach to leadership.

Approximately 25 applicants are selected


Designed to enhance the ONGOING professional development of ALL members starting with our undergraduate brothers via mentoring and leadership development opportunities.

Open to ALL undergraduates.


The Achievement Academy is designed to enhance the social, professional, and leadership experiences of the collegiate members in the Fraternity. The vehicle by which this is to be accomplished is through the development of vibrant mentoring and coaching opportunities that empower and enhance their agency. Our central foci are to ensure retention and graduation of our members while fostering an understanding of the steps necessary that lead to advanced degree opportunities and successful transition toward their career paths.

We have developed a cohort approach to assure members are matched with the mentoring experiences relevant to their goals.

Which Cohort Areas that will be Involved in the Achievement Academy?

1. Business

2. Education

3. Government

4. Law

5. Health


7. Social Science

8. Military Science

Why Should You Participate in the Achievement Academy?

Undergraduate Brothers: To form a professional network of Alumni Brothers who provide guidance for you to achieve your career aspirations.

Undergraduate BrothersTo receive career mentoring from your Achievement Academy network.

Alumni Brothers: To become a part of a professional network of Alumni Brothers who seek to serve as a mentor and advocate for UG Brothers to successfully achieve their career aspirations.

Undergraduate and Alumni Brothers: To sustain and increase the presence and positive impact of professional African American males in our communities.

What are the Requirements and How Can You Participate in the Achievement Academy?

If you are interested in receiving such coaching as a mentee, or wish to serve as a mentor, please apply to the Achievement Academy by logging on to our new website

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