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About Us

Kappa Kamp is an enrichment camp that focuses on College Readiness, Business and Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy and Team Building. The young men who attend Kappa Kamp acquire life skills through intensive workshops and learning through structured play activities. Kampers are immersed in different backgrounds with a variety of cultural activities, field trips, and lectures.

Our Objective

The primary objectives of the Kappa Kamps are to:

  • Provide college readiness, business development, and enrichment activities for program youth.

  • Motivate students to seek higher levels of achievement

  • Expose students to activities rich in cultural information and experiences. 

  • Develop students' reading, writing and speaking skills.

  • Provide experiences that focus on science technology and survival.

  • Allow campers to make friends from around the country in a structured, safe environment. 

  • Provide a spiritual faith-based atmosphere for human growth and development. 

  • Provide character education and citizenship in an ethical environment.

Our Programs

Fundamentals of Leadership & Entrepreneurship

Our Fundamentals of Leadership & Entrepreneurship (FLE) course is a two-week immersion into the world of business by challenging students to create an plan and pitch. Kampers are taught the fundamentals of leadership, entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, operations, and organizational behavior. This is to better help them understand the integrated role these functions play in every successful endeavor. 

The Principles of S.T.E.M.

The Principles of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) course is designed to introduce Kampers to S.T.E.M related studies and learning experiences. We always focus on advancing technology and S.T.E.M and do this with the help of SIEMENS Corporation, Microsoft and industry leaders 

Kappa Kamp Summer Program

Maurice A. West

National Commitee Chairman/Program Director

Tel: 214-379-5575

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