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DLA Kappa Southwestern Province Medium Chapter of the Year

Member of DLA pose with the Province Polemarch William A Puder and Province Senior Vice Polemarch Ryan S. Gilner
2022 Southwestern Province Medium Chapter of the Year Winners

On April 23, 2022, the Denton-Lewisville (TX) Alumni Chapter members sat at one of many tables in the Grand Meeting Hall of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio Texas when Southwestern Province Polemarch William A. Puder surprising announced "These are the hardest working brother you will see, the winners of the medium Chapter of the Year goes to , Denton-Lewisville (TX) Alumni Chapter".

Members of Denton-Lewisville (TX) Chapter sitting at table throwing the Yo!
Members of Denton-Lewisville (TX) Chapter

The table where the members sat filled with joy and excitement as the member moved toward the center of the Hall to accept he award. Chapter Polemarch Sheldon Smith accepted the award with the remaining member joining him for the commentative photo of the exciting night.

After receiving the reward Polemarch Sheldon Smith stated to the members, "Brothers remember this moment, we earned this, we earned this and we continue to be DLA Brotherhood First". He later stated that we want to thank the many brothers that help submit the chapter for the award and the chapter member for putting in so much time with the community and each other.

The Southwestern Province award presented to Denton-Lewisville Alumni Chapter of the Year - Medium
Southwestern Province award

The Denton-Lewisville (TX) Alumni Chapter looks to set it eyes on the national Medium Chapter of the year next July 2023 in Tampa Bay, Florida for the 86th Konclave.

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